Temple of Dionysus Guest Sign-In Sheet

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Temple of Dionysus! We appreciate your presence and hope you enjoy your time in our sacred space. To ensure a harmonious and safe environment for all, we kindly request your compliance with the following terms and conditions:

1.Xenia and Hospitality:

All guests, mortal or divine, are expected to adhere to the principles of Xenia – the ancient greek concept of hospitality. Xenophobia, including transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc., will not be tolerated. Guests engaging in xenophobic behavior will be evicted until they demonstrate an understanding and commitment to abide by the principles of Xenia.

2.Supplicant Clause:

oGuests wishing to act as supplicants in the ancient Greek sense must indicate their supplication on the sign-in sheet. The temple will make reasonable efforts to accommodate applicants within the bounds of safety and the temple's operational capacity.

3.Identification, Pronouns, and Names:

Guests, mortal or divine, are required to provide accurate identification upon request. Divine entities are requested to manifest a recognizable symbol or form for identification purposes. Additionally, guests are required to respect the pronouns and names of others. Legal or deadnames are kept strictly confidential by temple staff upon request. (This is for legal liability reasons, we will not request this without cause).

4.Respect for Residents:

Guests must respect the privacy and personal space of the temple residents. Any form of harassment, disturbance, or intrusion into living quarters is strictly prohibited.

5.Temple Property:

All guests are expected to treat temple property with care. Any intentional damage to the temple structure, artifacts, or sacred spaces will result in immediate eviction and possible restitution.


While we celebrate the spirit of Dionysus, excessive intoxication that leads to disruptive behavior or poses a threat to the safety of others is not permitted. Guests are responsible for their actions while under the influence. Underage intoxication is expressly forbidden at all temple events and on all temple property, except where legally permissible for ritual and religious reasons and with parental or guardian consent.


Theft of any kind is strictly prohibited within the temple premises. Guests found engaging in theft will be immediately removed, and legal action may be taken.

8.Security Measures:

The temple reserves the right to implement security measures, including denial of entry, to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests and residents.

9.Disruptive Behavior:

Any behavior that disrupts the tranquility of the temple or endangers the life, limbs, freedom, or property of others will not be tolerated. The temple reserves the right to ask individuals to leave if their behavior is deemed detrimental.

10.Divine Guests:

Divine entities are welcome but are subject to the same rules as mortal guests. Any misuse of divine powers resulting in harm to others or the temple will be addressed accordingly.

11.Invocation and Rituals:

Guests are encouraged to participate in temple rituals with respect and reverence. However, unauthorized invocations or rituals that may pose a threat to the safety of others are strictly prohibited. Invoking gods, except in the case of an emergency, should be done with the enthusiastic consent of everyone in the room and, when possible, temple leadership.

12.Thalia's Court Jester Immunity Clause:

Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, grants her whimsical and peculiar court jester immunity to any rules outlined herein that she deems amusing or inconsequential to the spirit of merriment, provided that such immunity does not cause real or permanent harm to any individual, property, or the overall well-being of the Temple of Dionysus. Thalia's interpretation is subject to the understanding that the intention is to bring joy and laughter, not harm or distress. Any actions or requests from the court jester that could result in harm will not be granted immunity and may be subject to appropriate measures deemed necessary by the temple authorities.

By signing in, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to abide by these terms and conditions during your stay at the Temple of Dionysus. The temple reserves the right to amend these terms as necessary for the safety and well-being of all occupants. Approved by Temple Leadership on 11/25/2023

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