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In honor of Mounichia - the full moon festival of Artemis- young girls would dress up as bears and round cakes would be offered to the Goddess. It is often challenging to adapt ancient festivals to our modern lifestyles but with all the discourse surrounding meeting a bear in the woods the Temple of Dionysus hereby announces a costume contest in celebration of Artemis and in solidarity with victims of SA.

Join the Celebration:

Dress up as a bear, take a photo, and share it on our Facebook ( with the hashtag #mounichia to be entered to win. Alternatively, you can email If you would like to enter and you would prefer not to share a photo of yourself- feel free to send artwork of yourself dressed as a bear in lieu of a photo. All submissions will be shared on our website and the winner will be decided via a poll.


The winner will have their photo featured on our website for the next year and will receive several Artemis-themed gifts including a printable Artemis altar, an Artemis bookmark, a couple of Artemis pride buttons (pride flag of your choice), and a first edition copy of Alyx's book Prayers for the Broom Closet. Virtual prizes are available at the winner's request.

Mounichia April 24th, 2024- Deadline June 1st

Free Printable Bear Mask!

Prints best on 11x 8.5 in Card Stock. More sizes available on our free Patreon!